A little bit About Myself

My blog is about what I feel are excellent qualities that make a good storyline in RPGs and Action/Adventure games. My overall purpose for this blog is to show why I feel these qualities are important to a storyline. My ideal readers for this blog are the people who are new and old alike of the gaming community. The business side of the gaming industry may look at this blog and understand because a great storyline would increase their profits. The people that are new to the community would gain an idea on how characters influence the storyline, while the people that have been with the community for years would agree with this blog because it justifies their time that they spent with playing games.


I’m Tyler Williams, and I have been playing video games since I was six years old. I have played every genre of game in the gaming industry and have even been on the competitive scene. Though I play every genre, I tend to move more toward RPGs and Action/Adventure games whenever I play. I never judge a game before I finish it. I understand what should be in each genre and what is needed to make the genres better. My competitive scene experience gave me a better perspective on what the industry has to go through everyday.


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